Flowers & Magic

Flowers and floral design have always been our first loves and the first half of our 2013 wedding season has provided us with a blessed multitude of opportunities to work with so very many fantastic flowers and botanicals. We intentionally make no two couple's wedding flowers (or events) alike. Since every bride and groom are different, it only serves our couples best to create uniquely for each one!

The following is no exception. These images from MAD LOVE WEDDINGS  capture a style that may be found in more than one of our designs but certainly the combination of flowers will always be unique to Fran and Jason.  Also, these images capture what we think is part of Myrtie Blue's magic - our designs resonate with the couples who are commemorating and celebrating their love! A personal expression that we are honored to facilitate.


Fran & Jason- Mad Love Weddings-FB-25.jpg
Fran & Jason- Mad Love Weddings-FB-52.jpg
Fran & Jason- Mad Love Weddings-FB-37.jpg
Fran & Jason- Mad Love Weddings-FB-24.jpg
Fran & Jason- Mad Love Weddings-FB-63.jpg